THE HEFFRON & REEP SHOW with John Heffron & Jon Reep

I've join forces with John Heffron and we've started a podcast called "Heffron & Reep".  Pound for pound the funniest podcast in the world! Seriously.  We are ranked #1 by the World Podcasting Federation & the Podcast Ranking Association.  Give us a listen.  Here's how:

1. Simply subscribe to the shows (Go to, we have 2 shows. One's a Bonus Show, I’d sign up for both). Then the shows will be sent from Heaven to you. And you can listen
on the treadmill, on your way  to work, or right before decide to take over the world. (Subscribing also helps us with ranking, and with a high rank we can one day get the respect from our parents and teachers)

2. Our show is FREE. A great way to SUPPORT our show that doesn’t cost you anything is, If you buy anything through Amazon, use our link here, AMAZON.COM .  Amazon pays us a small %, ON purchases. SO if you where going to buy something anyway. Do so with our Link.

3. If you hear us swear on the show. We are doing it for a great cause. We donate $ every time we swear to the Wounded Warriors Fund. We set up a page

4. Social Say HI, we love feedback. Plus we are usually on the road and like the connection

5. Enjoy yourself. Seriously after you leave this page. Go have a great life. If you're going to do any of these steps DO THIS ONE!

Yours in friendship,

Heffron and Reep

PS Like we said in Step 1 Subscribe to the show now. (no heavy lifting needed) And if you are going to buy anything on Amazon please use the above link.

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Comment by Serene Pricer on December 25, 2011 at 2:48pm

Come back to Southern Calif !!!! Your friends at HBPD :)


Comment by CanadianWayne on September 16, 2011 at 6:01am

Nice site, can't wait for the page to be full of pod casts... anyway, im a big fan of your stand up, always loved the hemi commercials and haste to admit i used that line a zillion times, usually when parked beside a 1982 Chevette with original paint and oil...lmsao


 take care, canadianwayne(bowles)

Comment by Kathy Urich on September 15, 2011 at 7:33pm

Hey John/Jon/s--  Lovin the podcast!  It is so natural and feels in real time.

My favorite character in Podcast #1  is your cat!  Grooming, licking, looking at

both of you upside down while you contemplate the almighty name!! Sooo funny.

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